You asked for it, and we’re making it happen – Earth Day is transforming into Earth May!

We had a longer winter this year, so many of you were unable to enjoy your favourite Earth Month activities and actions. It’s hard to pick up litter when the ground is still covered in snow, plant a garden when the soil is frozen, or bike to work during an April blizzard. Besides, why should April have all the fun? The planet needs our help 365 days a year.

That’s why we’ve extended our 2014 Earth Month campaigns until May 31!

Make It Count for Earth Day

It’s our favourite time of the year – and now Earth Day is transforming into Earth May!

Each year, we organize a campaign to help educate and engage people of all ages and backgrounds to lessen their impact on the Earth. A great way to start is integrating easy environmental actions into your day-to-day life – those small changes add up to a larger cumulative impact over time.

This year, we’re focusing on 4 action categories – EAT, GROW, TRANSFORM and SHARE. Set a goal for the number of actions you want to complete in each category throughout the months of April and May, and count them up using our printable calendars. Share your results using the #MIC4ED hashtag to compare your totals with friends, classmates, colleagues or perfect strangers across the country.

Get started today and make every day Earth Day!

Make it Count for Earth Day

EcoKids Act for the Planet

This April and May, we’re asking kids across Canada to Act for the Planet!

There are so many things kids can do to help make our environment healthier! This year, we’re asking kids to share what they’re doing for Earth Day, through April and May by submitting a photo or drawing of their actions for us to post and share with other kids across the country!

There are even some great prizes to be won! Check out what the kids are doing here.

Act for the Planet