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With eco-friendly spray paint in hand, DDB Canada took to the streets of Toronto to promote the Hometown Heroes Award Program. Very cool. Thanks DDB!

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They overcome environmental obstacles. They engage others in support of a sustainable community. You may know them as a neighbour, volunteer group or local business, but to Earth Day Canada, they’re Hometown Heroes working to support a healthier environment.

The Hometown Heroes Award Program is your chance to help Canada recognize and celebrate environmental leaders — whether an individual, group or small business — who foster meaningful, long-term community awareness and action.

Heroic candidates can win the Individual Hometown Heroes Award–a $10,000 cash prize to donate to a local environmental group/cause of their choice; the Group Hometown Heroes Award–a $10,000 cash prize to support their work or the Small Business Hometown Heroes Award–a $5,000 cash prize that must be used by the business to make an operational change that results in the business lessening their environmental impact, and permission from EDC to use the award and the EDC logo for one year to help market and promote the business and/or an approved product.

The Hometown Heroes Award Program 2014 nomination deadline has now passed. The deadline was March 31, 2014. Notifications to all nominees will be made in May 2014.